As the complexity of computer networks, the nature of their applications, and their socio-economic impact evolve, new algorithmic challenges arise, stimulating the algorithmic community towards studying new problem domains and computational frameworks. This research project is devoted to the design of algorithms and data structures whose primary motivation comes from the Internet and Web applications. The project brings together five leading research groups in algorithmic research in Italy in a joint effort that aims at:
  1. Discovering new algorithmic techniques and methodologies;
  2. Identifying and solving key algorithmic problems in important applications; and
  3. Contributing to the accelerated transfer of advanced algorithmic technologies into tools, libraries and systems.

The main emphasis of the project is on a novel combination of application-oriented research in two important domains (the next generation Internet and the Web) with innovative methodological work on algorithm engineering, information visualization and general algorithmic techniques.

The project starts on November 30, 2004 and ends on November 30, 2006. The scientific coordinator is Giuseppe F. Italiano . The research work is partially funded by MIUR, the Italian Ministry of University and Scientific Research.