6th Conference on Algorithms and Complexity
May 29-31, 2006 Rome, Italy

Instructions for preparation of final versions

Authors of accepted papers should prepare the final versions of their papers and send them to CIAC'06 as explained below.

The final version is due by March 12: please note that this is a strict deadline.

The camera ready should be prepared according to the instructions for authors that you can find on the following Web site: LNCS Instructions for Authors (Springer - Verlag). In particular, it should be in the format required by the Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series, using the LaTeX ".llncs" class file that you will find on the web site above.

The camera-ready version should not exceed 12 pages, everything included. This page limit is strict: a paper that does not respect this limit will not be included in the proceedings. Please, do not try to change the format in some ad-hoc way for fitting in more text: the contributions will be re-processed using the right format.

You should prepare a gzipped tar archive containing:

  • a (single) LaTeX file generating your paper, including the bibliography;
  • any other (non-standard) special files needed to compile your source (e.g., figures);
  • a printable version of your paper, in PS or PDF format.
Please, name your compressed archive 'ciac06-xxx.tar.gz' , where xxx is the first author name, and send it by email to ciac(at)di.uniroma1.it.

Also, send the LNCS signed copyright form by FAX at the following number: (+39) 06 8541842.

It is very important that both the archive file and the signed copyright form reach us before the March 12 deadline.

For technical assistance related to the submission process, please contact ciac(at)di.uniroma1.it.

Fax: +39-06-8541842
E-mail: ciac@di.uniroma1.it

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