Nicola Galesi



Since 05 I am associate professor at Sapienza in Rome in the Department of Computer Science.  Since 2012  I have an Italian habilitation as full professor in Mathematical Logic.

Before Rome I was  associate professor at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (01-05) in Barcelona and Postdoc at IAS (00) in Princeton and at University of Toronto (03). 

In fall 15  and 2021  I was visiting scientist at Simons Institute for Theory of Computing. UC-Berkeley.

I got a PhD in 2000 at  Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya advised by Maria Luisa Bonet.



Complexity Theory and Logic in Computer Science: Proof Complexity, SAT solving and Optimization.   I recently get interested in Group Testing and Network Tomography

  • Jan 21- May 212  Visiting scientist at Berkeley for Semester on "Satisfiability: Theory, Practice and Beyond"
  • Feb 2020  Workshop SAT Interactions - Dagstuhl
  • Jan 2020  Workshop Proof Complexity - Banff
  • Nov 2019 FOCS 2019
  • Sep 19  Visiting CAS - Prague
  • Sep 19  XXI - Congresso Unione Matematica Italiana
  • Jul 19 -  Visiting DIMACS
  • Jul  19  Conference on  Computational Complexity



Teaching 21-22 (updated to 15 Sep 2021)

-> Le lezioni di tutti i miei corsi iniziano il 27 Settembre, invece che il 20 Settembre.
-> Presenza in aula solo con Green Pass e prenotazione posto (Prodigit Sapienza)
orari, aule, data di inzio e meeting online sulle pagine dei corsi su Sapienza Moodle .

Automi, Calc. & Compl. (I Sem)
Mer: 11:00-14:00 Aula Cabibbo 
                             (Edificio Marconi)
Ven: 1400-16:00 Aula Cabibbo       
                              (Edificio Marconi)

Computational Complexity (Fall)
Mon: 14:00-17:00 Room G0
         (Building G, Regina Elena)
Wed: 9:00-11:00 Room G0
     (Building G, Regina Elena)

Modelli e Ottimizzazione (I Sem)
Lun: 9:00-11:00 Aula G50
              (edificio G via Regina Elena)

Gio: 11:00-14:00 Aula G50
              (edificio G via Regina Elena)




Phd. Fariba Ranjbar (2021), Ilario Bonacina (15), Massimo Lauria (09).

Master. Giacomo Petroselli (Current, Physics), Abdul Miajith (CS 18), Vincenzo Botta (CS 16), Ilario Bonacina (Math, Pisa, 12), Antonio Faonio (CS 11), Silvia Pragliola (Math 09).

Postdoc. Olaf Beyersdorff (Berlin), Massimo Lauria (Sapienza), Alan Skelley (Toronto).


Grants, Workshop, PC, EB.

SAT Interactions (Dagsthul 12), Limits of Theorem Proving (CNR, Rome 12), Ramsey Theory in Logic, Combinatorics, Complexity (Bertinoro 09,11,18)

Program Committee. IJCAI 21, FSTTCS17, TAMC13, CSL 12, CCC12, CiE10, SAT09, FSTTCS17

Conference Organization. ICALP16 (Publicity Chair)

Editorial Board.  JSAT,  LMCS

Grants as PI:

(12-14) CRUI-DAAD Italy-Germany Integrated Research.
(11-13) The Limits of Theorem Proving (John Templeton Foundation);
(96-99) Marie Curie Fellowship

(09-11) Sapienza Research Grant