Nicola Galesi



Since 05 I am associate professor at Sapienza in Rome in the Department of Computer Science.  Before Rome I was  associate professor at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (01-05) in Barcelona and Postdoc at IAS (00) in Princeton and at University of Toronto(03).

In fall 15  I was visiting scientist at Simons Institute for Theory of Computing. UC-Berkeley.

I received a PhD from Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (00).



My research fields are Complexity Theory and Logic in Computer Science. I like  especially Proof Complexity. Recent interests include optimization and SAT solving.

Recent activities:

  • Editorial Board  of LMCS (Logical Methods in Computer Science)
  • Program Committee of FSTTCS 2017 (Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science)
  • Scientific Organization of RaTLoCC 2018 (Ramsey Theory in Logic, Combinatorics,Complexity)


Optimization (III year), Computational Complexity (Master), Automata, Computability and Complexity (III year, online). G+ Teaching Page (Italian)



Sapienza UniversitÓ Roma. Dipartimento Informatica. Via Salaria 113 00198 Rome (Italy).

Tel +39.06.4991.8540




Phd. Ilario Bonacina (15), Massimo Lauria (09).

Master. Vincenzo Botta (CS 16), Ilario Bonacina (Math, Pisa, 12), Antonio Faonio (CS 11), Silvia Pragliola (Math 09).

Postdoc. Olaf Beyersdorff (Berlin), Alan Skelley (Toronto),


Older stuff

Workshops Organized: SAT Interactions (Dagsthul 12), Limits of Theorem Proving (CNR, Rome 12), Ramsey Theory in Logic, Combinatorics, Complexity (Bertinoro 09,11)

PC. TAMC13, CSL 12, CCC12, CiE10, SAT09

Conference Organization. ICALP16 (Publicity Chair)

Journals EBJSAT

Grants as PI:
(96-99) Marie Curie Fellowship
(09-11) Sapienza Research Grant
(11-13) The Limits of Theorem Proving (John Templeton Foundation);
(12-14) CRUI-DAAD Italy-Germany Integrated Research.