Limits of Theorem Proving     

Rome, September 25-27, 2012

Aim and Scope


Key-Note Speakers

Invited Participants

Olaf Beyersdorff - University of Leeds

Lorenzo Carlucci - Sapienza University Rome

Nicola Galesi - Sapienza University Rome

Toni Pitassi - University  of Toronto

Contact: Nicola Galesi -

Samuel R.  Buss - UC San Diego

Stephen A.  Cook - University Of Toronto

Jan Krajíček - Charles University Prague

Pavel Pudák - Czech Academy of Science



The Workshop is devoted to Propositional Proof Complexity and its relations to neighboring disciplines such as Computational Complexity, Logic, Reverse Mathematics and Proof Theory. The aims of the workshop are to discuss recent trends in Proof Complexity and to show the impact and relations of Proof Complexity to other fields. Topics include

  1. -  lower and upper bounds for classical propositional proof systems

  2. -  relations of proof systems to bounded arithmetic, reverse mathematics and

    proof  theory of arithmetic.

  1. -  relations of proof complexity to SAT solving

  2. -  alternative models of proof systems such as randomized proof systems, proof

    systems with advice, and quantum proof systems

-   parameterized proof complexity

We suggest to arrive on Monday and leave on Friday

Workshop place - IASI

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                Milton Hotel Rome  4*

                Hotel Giada 3*               

               Hotel Mamiani

                Hotel Bled Roma Edera  

                Hotel Daniela

             B&B - Rooms

                 B&B Cialdini - inn                 

                  B&B cialdini 13

                 Conte House                

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Supported by

Albert Atserias                

Chris Beck

Arnold Beckmann  

Christoph Berkholz         

Olaf Beyersdorff            

Sam Buss                        

Lorenzo Carlucci              

Stephen Cook                   

Stefan Dantchev               

Yuval Filmus

Luke Friedman                  

Nicola Galesi                        

Michal Garlik

Andreas Goerdt

Edward Hirsch                       

Anna Horska

Dmitry Itsykson                      

Emil Jerabek                          

Jan Johannsen 

Valentine Kabernets               

Leszek Kolodziejczyk              

Antonina Kolokolova               

Oliver Kullmann                      

Jan Krajicek                           

Massimo Lauria                        

The workshop's programme theme is proof complexity which is bringing together mathematical logic and complexity theory in an attempt to solve important problems in Theoretical Computer Science. Alan Turing was among the first researchers to contribute to the roots of this research area with fundamental contributions from both a semantical and syntactical point of view. By highlighting this theme of efficient provability our workshop contributes to the large-scale events of the Alan Turing Year 2012.

Viale Manzoni, 30 Rome

Barnaby Martin                       

Jochen Messner                     

Gido Scharfenberger

Mladen Miksa                         

Julian Steffen-Muller              

Moritz Muller                           

Sebastian Muller                     

Phuong Nguyen                     

Jakob Nordstrom                   

Marc Vinals Perez                 

Jan Pich                                 

Toniann Pitassi         

Chris Pollet                            

Pavel Pudlak                         

Soren Riis                              

Robert Robere

Zenon Sadowski

Rahul Santhanam  

Stefan Szeider               

Federico Ricci-Tersenghi       

Neil Thapen                           

Jacobo Toran

Iddo Tzameret                       

Alasdair Urquhart                   

Heribert Vollmer                     

Zi Chao Wang       

Paul Wollan                 


Participation to the workshop is free.  If you like to attend the workshop, please send an email to Nicola Galesi
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