My vision of EATCS

I consider the association as a common house of TCS researchers (especially European). With this shape of community it entails, EATCS has accompanied me since I was  a PhD student in Barcelona at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya; and while studying and working in universities around Europe: I started with a Master in CS at University of Bari (Italy) and then a PhD in CS in Barcelona (in Catalunya, Spain) at UPC. After 5 years spent as associate professor at UPC, I came back in Italy, where I am now, in Rome, at Sapienza.

Among the recent actions taken by EATCS, I really appreciated that of having the proceedings of ICALP to be open-access, exactly as for the Bulletin of EATCS. I consider ICALP one of the top conferences in theory and its organisation in three tracks appears very effective and attracting to all researchers. I found this an important aspect of  the conference, making it almost unique in the world. So far my contributions to EATCS were limited to organisation of ICALP 2016 in Rome. But I am proud to have the opportunity to offer my work for the council of  EATCS, to serve the association  to contribute in all possible way I can to promoting TCS in all its aspects under EATCS.  Some aspects I think I might contribute are - but not limited to - , for example, to promote research in TCS  among young researchers or even younger potential researchers, through the organisations of specialised events  and to the dissemination of information of opportunities to move researchers close to TCS also promoting financial support for research in TCS.