Daniele Gorla

   Associate Professor at        
        Dipartimento di Informatica
       Università di Roma "La Sapienza"
       Via Salaria, 113 - 3rd floor - Room 310
       I-00198 Roma (ITALY)
       e-mail:  gorla AT di.uniroma1.it (replace 'AT' with '@')
       tel: +39-06-4991.8434
       fax: +39-06-85.41.842

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Personal Information

I was born in Rome in 1976; I received the Master degree (summa cum laude) in Informatica from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" (ITALY), in December 2000. During all 2001, I had a postdegree collaboration with the Department of Sistemi ed Informatica, University of Firenze. In 2004, I got there my PhD in "Informatica ed Applicazioni", under the supervision of Prof. Rocco De Nicola and of Prof. Rosario Pugliese. In 1999, I received the Conservatorium diploma in violin with the highest marks. From October 2003 to February 2006, I was a research fellow at the Department of Informatica of the University of Rome "La Sapienza"; in March 2006, I became an assistant professor of the same department; since 2012, I'm an associate professor. I was an invited speaker for SecCo'03, affiliated to ICALP, and I organised its fifth edition in 2007, affiliated to CONCUR. I was a PC member and panelist of EXPRESS'07, and PC co-chair for EXPRESS'08 and EXPRESS'09, all co-located with CONCUR. I was also a PC member of MFPS'09, CONCUR'10 and CONCUR'13. I have been guest editor for the Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, for the Journal of Computer Security and for Mathematical Structures in Computer Science. I was the general chair of ETAPS 2013 and will be the program co-chair of CONCUR 2014.

Detailed Curriculum vitae in italian and in english.

Research interests

My research interests include, among others, semantics of concurrent programming; process calculi with distribution, mobility and/or cryptography; formal methods for security; categorial semantics of concurrency. See my Publications Webpage (where you can download all my papers). I am also part of several Research Projects.

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