Julinda Stefa

Associate Professor


I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science of Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. My research interests include distributed and networked systems, security & privacy, mobile cloud computing, and computer science and human behavior. Check out this link for the list of my publications. If you are interested in my work and/or possible thesis projects, just drop me an email.

TPC Member of

IEEE ICDCS 2019, IEEE INFOCOM 2019, IEEE ICDCS 2018, IEEE INFOCOM 2018, IEEE BITS 2018, MobiSPC 2018, IEEE INFOCOM 2017, IEEE INFOCOM 2016, IEEE ICCC STC 2015, WWW 2014, ACM CoNEXT 2013 Student Workshop, General co-Chair of HotOS 2019

PhD Students

Massimo La Morgia

Adriano Di Luzio

Recent Grants & Projects

2014-2018 INF@NZIA DIGI.tales 3.6, Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation, Italian MIUR.

2015-2016 Distributed Peer-to-Peer Digital Payment and Coin Systems: A Social and Security Related Perspective, Young Researchers Starting Grant, Sapienza University.

2014-2016 GAINS: Geopolitics-Aware Internet Strategies, EU HOME/2013.

2014-2015 I Know What You Did Last Summer: Using Smartphone WiFi Probes to De-Anonymize Events, Young Researchers Starting Grant, Sapienza University.

2012-2015 Tropic: Distributed computing, storage and radio resource allocation over cooperative femtocells, FP7-ICT-2011-8, 2012-2015, Activity Leader.

2013-2014 CDroid: Towards a Cloud-Integrated Mobile Operating System, Young Researchers Starting Grant, Sapienza University.

2010-2013 Iot-A:  Internet of things - Architecture, FP7-ICT-2009-5, Activity Leader and Project Security Officer.

2012-2013: The sky is the limit: When the Cloud Meets Millions of Smartphones, Young Researchers Starting Grant, Sapienza University.

2011-2012 Clone2Clone, Working Capital Grant, Telecom Italia.


2013-2016 Fondo per l’ Avvio alla Ricerca, Sapienza University, Four years in a row.

June 2013 Best IEEE SECON 2013 Demo Award.

April 2013 Best IEEE INFOCOM 2013 Demo Award.

July 2011 Winner of the Working Capital PNI & Telecom Italia Research Grant (30 K Euro).

May 2009 Best PhD student paper of the year CS Dept, Sapienza University of Rome.

PhD Committee

Giorgia Di Tommaso.