Corrado Böhm


-- Born in Milan (Italy), 1923
-- Electronic Engineering at EPUL (Lausanne, Switzerland), 1946
-- Ph.D in Mathematical Sciences at ETH (Zürich, Switzerland), 1952
-- "Honoris causa" Degree in Computer Science, University of Milan, 1994

First appointment at University of Rome "La Sapienza" : 1974.

Research interests   : Theory of computing, Constructive Mathematics, Combinatory Logic, Lambda-Calculus, Semantics and Implementation of Functional Programming Languages.

Before joining "La Sapienza", he was full time researcher at the INAC-CNR in Rome, from 1953 to 68, doing research on Turing machines and on Structured Programming. From 1959 to 69 he taught Numerical Analysis, Programming Techniques and Mathematical Logic at the Universities of Pisa and Rome. In 1970 he joined the University of Turin to cover the first professorship assigned in Italy in Computer Science.
His research activity began with the construction of the first compiler written in its own language. Then his studies on Turing machines and Von Neumann machines ended with a theorem (in collaboration with Jacopini) of great interest for the development of Structured Programming. The investigations on lambda-calculus and combinatory logic were centered on the notion of normal form, and a theorem, very important for the semantics of programming languages, was delivered. The more recent research is addressed to the implementation of a pure functional programming system, based on the discovery that not only data and results may be conveniently represented by normal forms, but also functions and functionals. He is a member of IFIP WG 2.2 on concept formation and its formalization and of IFIP WG 2.8 on functional programming. He is member of the Editorial Board of Theoretical Computer Science  and of the ACADEMIA EUROPAEA (Computing section). He was the contact person of the European WG BRA 7232 (GENTZEN) Common Foundations of Functional and Logic Programming. He is local coordinator (Rome University) of the European Project Human Capital and Mobility on "Typed Lambda Calculus" . He is member of the Council of AILA (Associazione Italiana Logica e sue Applicazioni) and of the Council of EACSL (European Association of Computer Science Logic).
A special issue of TCS  was dedicated to him, on the occasion of his 70th  birthday.

Selected publications