Tiziano Flati
Sapienza University of Rome - Viale Regina Elena, 295 (Rome, Italy)
+39 0649255369
@ flati AT di DOT uniroma1 DOT it

I received my MSc in Algorithms from the Department of Computer Science of the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.
I am currently a third-year PhD student at the Linguistic Computing Laboratory (LCL).

I am a tutor in a datathon for the LIDER European project, organized at SD-LLOD 15 in Cercedilla (Madrid). Have a look at the instructions here!

I am organizing a hackathon for the LIDER European project, organized at MLODE 2014. Have a look at the instructions here!


T. Flati, R. Navigli:  The Wikipedia Bitaxonomy Explorer (ISWC 2014 - System Demonstrations & Poster)
Best Poster award in SEMANTiCS 2014 T. Flati, R. Navigli:  Three birds (in the LLOD cloud) with one stone: BabelNet, Babelfy and the Wikipedia Bitaxonomy (SEMANTiCS 2014 - Conference & Poster) -- Best poster award!

In this paper we present the current status of linguistic resources published as linked data in the LLOD cloud in our research group, namely BabelNet, Babelfy and the Wikipedia Bitaxonomy. We describe the different resources in terms of their salient aspects, objectives and expected output and discuss the benefits that each of these resources potentially brings in the world of LLOD NLP-aware services. We also present public web-based services which allow to query, explore and export data into RDF format, thus truly enabling interoperability across the web.

T. Flati, D. Vannella, T. Pasini, R. Navigli:  Two Is Bigger (and Better) Than One: the Wikipedia Bitaxonomy Project (ACL 2014)

We present WiBi, an approach to the automatic creation of a bitaxonomy for Wikipedia, that is, an integrated taxonomy of Wikipage pages and categories. We leverage the information available in either one of the taxonomies to reinforce the creation of the other taxonomy. Our experiments show higher quality and coverage than state-of-the-art resources like DBpedia, YAGO, MENTA, WikiNet and WikiTaxonomy. WiBi is available at http://wibitaxonomy.org.

D. Vannella, T. Flati, R. Navigli:  WoSIT: A Word Sense Induction Toolkit for Search Result Clustering and Diversification (ACL 2014 - System Demonstrations)
T. Flati, R. Navigli:  SPred: Large-scale Harvesting of Semantic Predicates (ACL 2013)
Best 2012 Ph.D. Poster in my Computer Science department T. Flati, R. Navigli:  The CQC Algorithm: Cycling in Graphs to Semantically Enrich and Enhance a Bilingual Dictionary (JAIR 2012)