A Taxonomy of Process Calculi for Distribution and Mobility

Daniele Gorla

Full version to appear in Distributed Computing.
Two extended abstracts appeared in TGC'08 and MFPS'09.


In this paper, we comparatively analyze some mainstream calculi for mobility and distribution, together with some of their variants: the asynchronous pi-calculus, a distributed pi-calculus, and some dialects of Mobile/Boxed/Safe ambients. In particular, we focus on their relative expressive power, i.e. we try to encode every language in the other while respecting some reasonable properties. According to the possibility or the impossibility for such results, we set up a taxonomy of these languages. Our study enables understanding, for every pair of calculi, which features of one can be rendered in the other and how this is possible, or which features cannot be rendered and why this is impossible.

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