Simone Paolo Ponzetto

Since February 2013 I am Juniorprofessor (assistant professor) for Semantic Web technologies at the Research Group Data and Web Science of the University of Mannheim (stay tuned for a brand new homepage coming soon!)

Main research interests:
  • Knowledge acquisition: unsupervised and weakly-supervised information extraction, multilingual ontology learning and relation discovery from large text collections and collaboratively constructed resources.

  • Natural Language Processing: lexical semantics (word sense disambiguation, knowledge-based and distributional approaches to semantic similarity); discourse semantics and pragmatics (entity disambiguation and classification, coreference resolution, discourse coherence, automatic document summarization).

arrivederci Arrivederci, Roma!

After two wonderful years at the Linguistic Computing Laboratory (LCL) working with Roberto on BabelNet it's time to move on. I am thrilled to join, starting February 2013, the faculty of the University of Mannheim, where I will continue to work on exciting topics in AI and NLP!

aij Artificial Intelligence Journal Special Issue

Our Special Issue of the Artificial Intelligence Journal on Artificial Intelligence, Wikipedia and Semi-Structured Resources is finally out! You can find all papers here. A pre-print version of our introduction paper is also available here.

aij Artificial Intelligence Journal paper

Article accepted for publication in the Artificial Intelligence Journal on ''BabelNet: The Automatic Construction, Evaluation and Application of a Wide-Coverage Multilingual Semantic Network''. A pre-print version is available here.

aaai AAAI-12 paper accepted

Roberto and I will present our latest work on Knowledge-rich multilingual semantic relatedness, at the next AAAI conference.

acl EMNLP-CoNLL 2012 paper accepted

Roberto and I will present our latest work on Multilingual Joint WSD, at the next EMNLP-CoNLL conference.

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