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List of Talks:

  1. Ilario Bonacina "Clique Is Hard on Average for Regular Resolution" (slides)
  2. Vasco Brattka "Ramsey's Theorem in the Weihrauch Lattice" (slides)
  3. Peter Cholak "Encodable by thin sets" (slides)
  4. Gabriel Conant "VC-dimension in groups" (slides)
  5. David Conlon "Ramsey complete sequences" (slides)
  6. Natasha Dobrinen "Ramsey theory of the universal triangle-free graph" (slides)
  7. Pandelis Dodos "An inverse theorem for stochastic processes indexed by the discrete hypercube" (slides)
  8. Damir Dzhafarov "Calling a few good combinatorialists" (slides)
  9. Bill Gasarch "The First Ramseyian Theorem and its Application: The Hilbert Cube Lemma and Hilbert's Irreducibility theorem" (slides)
  10. Neil Hindman "Combininig extensions of the Hales-Jewett Theorem with Ramsey Theory in other structures" (slides)
  11. Jeff Hirst "Hindman's theorem and ultrafilters" (slides)
  12. Carl Jockusch "The strength and effective content of some restricted forms of Hindman's Theorem" (slides)
  13. Vladimir Kanovei "Canonization on product and iterated perfect and large perfect sets" (slides)
  14. Leszek A. Kolodziejczyk "Ramsey for pairs and proof size" (slides)
  15. Lorenzo Luperi Baglini "Partition regularity of nonlinear Diophantine equations" (slides)
  16. Jaroslav Nesetril "Ramsey classes and beyond" (slides)
  17. Lionel Nguyen Van The "Revisiting the Erdos-Rado canonical partition theorem" (slides)
  18. Aaron Robertson "Ramsey objects and Delaporte" (slides)
  19. Marcin Sabok "The Hrushovski property for hypertournaments and profinite topologies" (slides)
  20. Richard Shore "Producing Elementary Proofs from Ultrafilter Proofs of Combinatorial Theorems: The View from Combinatorics"
  21. Jozef Skokan "k-colour Ramsey number of odd cycles via non-linear optimisation" (slides)
  22. Slawomir Solecki "Ramsey theory in algebraic topological language" (slides)
  23. Henry Towsner "Generalizing VC dimension to higher arity" (slides)
  24. Timothy Trujillo "Hypernatural numbers in ultra-Ramsey theory" (slides)
  25. Anush Tserunyan "Independent sets in finite and algebraic hypergraphs" (slides)
  26. Iddo Tzameret "Linear algebra in weak formal theories of arithmetic" (slides)
  27. Douglas Ulrich "Distinct Volume Subsets: The Uncountable Case" (slides)