The Scientific Program can be downloaded here.

The Social Program can be downloaded here.

List of talks:

  • Eli Ben Sasson: "On affine extractors and bipartite Ramsey graphs" (abstract)
  • Olaf Beyersdorff: "Proof Systems that Take Advice" (abstract) (slides)
  • Michiel De Smet: "Unprovability in Ramsey Theory" (abstract)
  • Bill Gasarch:
    1. "What is an Explicit Construction?" (abstract) (slides)
    2. "Rectangle-free colorings of grids" (abstract) (slides)
  • Philipp Gerhardy:
    1. "Proof mining in ergodic theory" (abstract) (slides)
    2. "Proof mining in topological dynamics" (abstract) (slides)
  • Lev Gordeev: "Combinatorial conditions for P < NP and NP = coNP" (abstract) (slides)
  • Emil Jerabek: "Weak pigeonhole principle and approximate counting" (abstract)
  • Gyula Karolyi: "Ramsey theory in combinatorial convexity" (abstract)
  • Alexander Kreuzer: "Ramsey's Theorem for pairs and provable recursive functions" (abstract) (slides)
  • Oliver Kullmann: "Ramsey theory and SAT" (abstract) (slides)
  • Hanno Lefmann: "Graphs and Partition Regular Systems of Equations" (abstract)
  • Alberto Marcone: "The reverse mathematics of the Veblen function" (abstract) (slides)
  • Antonio Montalban: "The boundary of Determinacy in Second Order Arithmetic" (abstract)
  • Matteo Novaga: "Infinite paths and cliques in random graphs" (abstract)
  • Pavel Pudlak: "Ramsey theorem in computational complexity" (abstract)
  • Neil Thapen:
    1. "The proof complexity of the finite Ramsey theorem" (abstract)
    2. "The provable NP search problems of weak second order bounded arithmetic" (abstract)
  • Jan-Christoph Schlage-Puchta: "Zero-sum problems in finite abelian groups" (abstract)
  • Oleg Verbistky:
    1. "From Ramsey to Ehrenfeucht: a reduction between games" (abstract) (slides)
    2. "The first order definability of finite graphs" (abstract) (slides)
  • Andreas Weiermann: "Phase transitions in Ramsey theory" (abstract)
  • Tin Lok Wong: "End-extending models of arithmetic using Ramsey-type principles" (abstract) (slides)