The Scientific Program can be downlowaded HERE.

The following is a provisional list of talks:

  1. Noga Alon "List coloring and Euclidean Ramsey Theory" (abstract) (slides)
  2. Eli Ben Sasson "From affine to two-source extractors via approximate duality" (abstract) (slides)
  3. Manuel Bodirsky "Homogeneous Structures, Ramsey Classes, and Constraint Satisfaction" (abstract) (slides)
  4. Gregory Cherlin "Some Fraïssé Classes of Finite Integral Metric Spaces" (abstract) (slides)
  5. Peter Cholak "Ramsey Theory and Reverse Mathematics" (abstract) (slides)
  6. David Conlon "Hypergraph Ramsey numbers" (abstract)
  7. Mauro Di Nasso "Nonstandard methods in combinatorics of numbers: a few examples" (abstract) (slides)
  8. Pandelis Dodos "Density Ramsey theory for trees" (abstract) (slides)
  9. Mirna Džamonja "The singular world of singular cardinals and their successors" (abstract) (slides)
  10. William Gasarch "Reasonable bounds on some VDW-like numbers" (abstract) (slides)
  11. Carl Jockusch "Binary subtrees with few labeled paths" (abstract) (slides)
  12. Ulrich Kohlenbach "Functional interpretations of proofs in ergodic theory and combinatorics" (abstract) (slides)
  13. Swastik Kopparty "On the complexity of computing roots and residuosity in finite fields"
  14. Janos Körner "On the extremal combinatorics of graph-difference" (abstract)
  15. Alexander Kreuzer "Term extraction and Ramsey's theorem for pairs" (abstract) (slides)
  16. Massimo Lauria "The proof complexity of Paris-Harrington Tautologies" (abstract) (slides)
  17. Imre Leader "Euclidean Ramsey Theory" (abstract)
  18. Hanno Lefmann "Edge Colorings of Graphs and Forbidden Monochromatic Subgraphs" (abstract)
  19. Jordi Lopez Abad "Chromatic numbers and unconditional sequences in Banach spaces" (abstract) (slides)
  20. Luca Motto Ros "Embeddability as "universal" quasi-order" (abstract) (slides)
  21. Jaroslav Nesetril TBD (abstract)
  22. Lionel Nguyen Van Thé "Partition Properties of Separable Metric Spaces" (abstract) (slides)
  23. James Pinkerton "The Duplicator-Spoiler Game for an Ordinal Number of Turns" (abstract) (slides)
  24. Michael Rathjen "Long Proofs" (abstract) (slides)
  25. Rahul Santhanam "The Complexity of Explicit Constructions of Ramsey Graphs" (abstract) (slides)
  26. Mathias Schacht "Ramsey properties of random discrete structures" (abstract) (slides)
  27. Jan-Christoph Schlage-Puchta "Completely multiplicative automatic functions"
  28. Richard Shore "Weak Consequences of Ramsey's Theorem (CAC, ADS...) and Possible Generalizations" (abstract) (slides)
  29. Jozef Skokan "Ramsey goodness" (abstract)
  30. Slawomir Solecki "An abstract approach to finite Ramsey theory and a self-dual Ramsey theorem" (abstract) (slides)
  31. Endre Szemeredi "On Tight Estimation for Sum-set-Sums" (abstract)
  32. Justin Tatch Moore "Ramsey theory and amenability of groups" (abstract)
  33. Stevo Todorcevic "Topological Ramsey theory and the rationals" (abstract) (slides)
  34. Henry Towsner "Unwinding Infinitary Arguments in Combinatorics" (abstract) (slides)
  35. Emanuele Viola "Correlation bounds for polynomials, and the disproof of the Inverse Conjecture for Gowers' norm using Ramsey theory." (abstract) (slides)
  36. Dimitris Vlitas "Density in Ramsey Theory" (abstract) (slides)
  37. Jindrich Zapletal "Canonical Ramsey Theory on Polish Spaces" (abstract) (slides)